Far Cry 5 release confirmed by Ubisoft before April 2018

far cry 5 release date

Ubisoft has officially announced that Far Cry 5 is in development and will launch at some point during the publishing giant’s current financial year.

This puts the upcoming open-world action-adventure title out by March 31, 2018, although a specific launch window has not yet been confirmed. Full details on Far Cry 5 have also not yet been revealed by Ubisoft, although the game has been rumored to adopt a Wild West setting. Ubisoft had previously asked gamers on what setting they would prefer for a new Far Cry game, which included vampires, zombies, and even a post-apocalyptic Mad Max setting. 

The most recent entry in the series dropped in February 2016 in the shape of Far Cry Primal, which eschewed the series’ tradition of a contemporary setting in favor of setting the action in prehistoric times. Prior to that, Far Cry 4 was released to critical and commercial success in fall 2014, and has sold over seven million copies to date. 

Stay tuned for more news on the Far Cry 5 release as we get it. 

Source: VG247