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Far Cry New Dawn Buzz Kill Mission Walkthrough – Finding Stolen Materials

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One of the first missions in Far Cry New Dawn that we had a bit of trouble completing was the Buzz Kill mission. This is one of the objectives where you’re looking to get one of the game’s Prosperity specialists, Grace Armstrong, on side.

If you haven’t already crafted one too, it may be the first time you get to test out the new Saw Launcher weapon, which is totally awesome. In the following walkthrough, we’ll show you how to complete Buzz Kill in full.

Buzz Kill Mission For Grace Armstrong

Once you’ve spoken to Grace Armstrong, she’ll instruct you to retrieve her stolen weapon from Buzzard’s Hoard. This part is straight forward and will be marked on the map.

You can either clear the train yard first of enemies, or head to the marker on the map to retrieve the stolen weapon. A fierce battle ensues and as soon as you’ve cleared the area of all Highwaymen, you’ll see the objective pop up to Retrieve the Stolen materials. This is where you can get a little lost. There are three materials to find.

The stolen material locations in the Buzz Kill Mission can be found in three of the pink metal containers. Check out their locations below:

buzz kill stolen materials location

buzz kill stolen materials - 2

buzz kill stolen materials - 3

The third one is the tricky one. You just need to climb the tower and use the zip-line to reach the roof of the pink container. You can then climb in through the hatch. After this, Grace Armstrong will be nearby and you’ve completed the Buzz Kill Mission.