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Far Cry New Dawn Extraction Mission Gameplay – H.M.S MacCoubrey

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In Far Cry New Dawn, you can carry out numerous Extraction missions. You pick these up from your home base at Prosperity by visiting Roger Cadoret, who can be found at the back of your base.

To start your first mission, you’ll need some Ethanol so he can use the chopper. Ethanol can be gained by conquering outposts.

The beauty of these extraction missions is they yield great rewards, most significantly a bunch load of Titanium, which otherwise can be found in safes.

This is the first Extraction Mission in Far Cry New Dawn, called H.M.S MacCoubrey.

Here’s the synopsis:

“This ghost ship arrived on shore a short while ago. Battle hardened and largely intact, a group of Highwaymen are using it to shelter themselves and their supplies. Your mission is to find the package and extract it.”

As you can see, we got a little lost, but it should give you an idea of the intensity that you can expect in some of these extraction missions.