Farpoint up there with the best PSVR games with brilliant two-player mechanics


While Sony’s PlayStation VR may still have a bit of a struggle as far as cementing itself on the mainstream consciousness is concerned, there’s no denying that the virtual reality device is packing some impressive software under its belt little more than six months after its release. Farpoint, the bug-blasting shooter from developer Impulse Gear, has consistently remained one of the biggest talking points for PSVR, and from our new hands-on with the game’s co-op functionality in London recently, it’s certaining not hard to see why.

PSU already sampled the delights of this Starship Troopers-inspired romp back in September, although that was strictly a solo experience. With co-op, Farpoint really comes into its own as you get chummy with a fellow soldier and strategically slaughter a myriad of ghastly creatures, including giant arachnids and other critters that fall victim to your assault rifle in a gratifying explosion of gooey innards. Immersion is a key player in the Farpoint experience, and we’re happy to report that Impulse Gear definitely channels some serious vibes with its shooter, as you gawk at sunbaked horizons and deep chasms from precarious cliff tops. Next to Resident Evil 7, this is surely one of prettiest PSVR games we’ve clapped eyes on.

Of course, having a buddy next to you is a total game changer, as you not only have to worry about keeping yourself alive, but also make sure your partner doesn’t fall victim to the nasties that populate the battlezone. The meat-and-potatoes of Farpoint’s gameplay—namely, looking down your sights and capping enemies with pinpoint precision—is a seamless and satisfying affair, with enemies reacting according as you pepper them with high-impact rounds. However, the addition of co-op injects a welcoming sprinkle of tactical play over the proceedings, as you work together to conquer the mission. For example, early on we quickly found ourselves surrounded by multiple, ooze-lobbing spider foes; instead of focusing our firepower, I took up defensive position and blasted the offending projectiles out of harm’s way, while my trigger-happy partner reduced our opponents to a bloody mess. 

PlayStation VR Aim Controller is superb

There’s a great sense of physicality about Farpoint to boot, as you’re able to use the natural environment as makeshift cover–and by that, we mean literally squatting down to avoid incoming enemy fire. While your quads are unlikely to thank you afterwards, there’s an immense sense of satisfaction to be had keeping your head down and then popping out to fire off a few rounds at a deadly sniper; in terms of immersion, Farpoint is definitely up there with the very best PSVR has to offer. Soon enough, I was able to get into a gratifying rhythm with my teammate, taking cover where necessary and and reviving each other where necessary (which is achieved by hitting the scan button on the AIM controller and waiting for your heart meter to fill up), while methodically dispatching the incoming enemy hordes. 

Farpoint’s controls are an intuitive beast, which only helps to complement the solid gunplay. Your standard armament is a meat assault rifle, although by flicking the weapon in an over-the-shoulder manner you can switch to a Shotgun for close proximity battles. Grenades are mapped to the button below your scan device for easy access, and we also got to test out some guided rockets to give us some extra oomph in combat. Sadly, that’s about all we got to try, as our partner wrapped things up although; however, from what we played, Farpoint is shaping up to be a brilliant addition to PSVR’s growing library, and playing with a mate further adds to its pick-up-and-play appeal.

We briefly spoke to the developer after our session, who assured us that the game’s campaign will clock in at around 5-6 hours, more so if you wish to explore and take in your surroundings. Farpoint is due out exclusively for PSVR on May 18, 2017.