Faydwer’s Echoing rumors muted for PS3

Rumors have been swirling for the past 24 hours due to Play 3-Live’s report that upcoming EverQuest II expansion pack, Echoes of Faydwer, was headed to the PlayStation 3. Even screens were published from this supposed PS3 adaption of the famous MMO series.

EverQuest II Senior Producer, Scott Hartsman, completely debunked these rumors with a single statement. "At this time, there aren’t any plans to bring Echoes of Faydwer to consoles of any kind… It isn’t happening."

Public Relations Manager Michael Shelling then continued to completely shut-down hope of a PS3 EverQuest, but mentioned that "EverQuest Online Adventures is still available for PS2."

For PS3-owning MMO fans, a glimmer of hope still remains in the form of several games. John Smedly, Sony Online’s president, confirmed both the rumored spy-themed MMO along with a "whimsical MMO" are in the works for both the PS3 and PC. Finally, expect the already confirmed DC universe MMO late next year.