FIFA 18 Career Mode bargain buys and youth potential

fifa 18 career mode bargains

Check out the FIFA 18 career mode bargains and best youth potential in this handy guide on what to buy.

Another year, another chance to vicariously live out your football manager fantasies through the tried-and-tested medium of FIFA 18.

You know the drill, though. It’s a dog-eat-dog in the world of football management and it can oftentimes be hard to get your feet off the ground if you decide to go against the grain and manage a team other than the big boys. One such thing that helps, though, is a couple of FIFA 18 career mode bargains to put a signal out to the rest of the league that you mean business.

Best players ranked for FIFA career mode

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a team of young guns who are tailor-made for those lower-tier clubs that don’t have a lot of expendable income to splash out on fancy signings.

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If you have a naïve budget, look no further than the below to get the best FIFA 18 career mode bargains this year.

Best FIFA 18 Career Mode Bargains

Formation: 4-3-3

Goalkeeper top pick — Wuilker Faríñez

fifa 18 best goalkeeper

Now here’s an interesting one – young goalkeeper Wuilker Faríñez plies his trade in Venezuelan league. Unfortunately, the Venezuelan Primera División isn’t represented in FIFA just yet so as result Faríñez is a free agent and thus available for pittance. What makes it more remarkable, however, is the fact that the 19-year-old’s stock rating of 73 shoots up to 87 so there’s literally no reason not to snap him up as soon as the market opens. The stock rating itself isn’t something to dismiss immediately, either, what with mid-70s in practically all aspects of goalkeeping from the get-go. Bear in mind, you’ll have to act quick in capturing his signature as other clubs are sniffing around as soon as you start your career mode.

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Left-back top pick – Ryan Sessegnon

fifa 18 best left back

If you fancy sewing up the left-back slot of years to come look no further than Fulham’s young superstar Ryan Sessegnon. The 17-year-old is available for the paltry fee of £1.1 million, meaning he’s affordable for just about any aspiring team higher than League 2. While his base rating of 67 is relatively low, with consistent tutelage that can rise to a well-rounded 86; he’s able to put in a shift on the wing, too. If you want our advice, it’s best to act in this year’s FIFA as there’s a sizeable chance he’ll be signing up for one of the big boys in the proceeding season and thus will cost a lot more.

CB top pick — Dayot Upamecano

fifa 18 best center back

Though you can avoid negotiation and pay his buyout clause of £4,000,000.00 straight away, RB Leipzig’s Dayot Upamecano can be snapped up for around half that price with a little bit of bartering. And what a signing he turns out to be – a model modern centre-back with power and pace to burn, the 69-rated youngster surges up to a rating of 86 in just a couple of seasons, providing cover in the heart of defense for over ten seasons if you so choose. The 18-year-old is part of the new golden era of French players but he may find his opportunities limited in real-life given the stiff, established competition of players like Raphaël Varane, Laporte, and Umtiti. Thankfully this is FIFA, so slot him right in.

CB top pick – Kik Pierie

fifa 18 best cb

American-born Dutch maestro Kik Pierie was born midway through 2000. Now that’s sunk in, let’s get down to the meat and potatoes – the 17-year-old is the quintessential ball-playing centre-back and the perfect companion for the likes of Upamecano what with his acceleration, speed, and ascension to a half-decent 83. While it doesn’t sound like much you’ve got to be mindful of the price you’ll be paying (it’s not much) considering how young he is and where he plays (SC Heerenveen) so don’t pass up the opportunity to do so. Think about it this way, sign both CBs on this list and chances are they’ll outlive your own interest in this particular career mode save given how long that could potentially last.

Right-back top pick – David Carmona

fifa 18 best right back

A half-decent place to look for talent is always the second string versions of some of the bigger teams – the likes of FC Barcelona B, Real Madrid Castilla and so forth. Better yet, you can find some real FIFA bargains digging through the mid-tier second teams, where young players learn their craft in-house before making the leap to the first team. One such player is Sevilla Atlético’s David Carmona, a 70-rated 20-year-old right-back with bags of pace and stamina to put a shift down the right flank for any prospective team. While not the strongest, Carmona’s base stats for agility, balance, and strength will have him hold off any imposing opposition before reaching his potential of 84. Snap him up.

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RM top pick – Marcus Edwards

fifa 18 best right midfielder

After a couple of iffy years, it looks as England’s youth overhaul is starting to bear a little bit of fruit (they won’t win anything, mind) with several mid-tier clubs around the country claiming to now have one or two bright sparks in their ranks. One such player is Marcus Edwards. Though he’s not had a league start for club Tottenham Hotspur just yet, the diminutive 18-year-old is a tricky customer – possessing 4-star skills and 91 balance straight from the off, despite his meagre 65 rating. Of course, with a bit of tender love and care the right-side midfielder’s rating jumps to 87, which is more than enough to do a job on the right flank for any budding coach.

CM top pick – Andre Dozzell

best fifa 18 center midfielder

Keeping on the young English train for another moment, Ipswich Town’s prodigy Andre Dozzell is another fine choice for any green manager to slot in at central midfield. With a ceiling of 84, a four-star weak foot, and a decent passing range, Dozzell is a dynamic attacking midfielder that leaves it all in the final third, so don’t expect any trekking back from him whatsoever. Though slightly similar to his compatriot Marcus Edwards, it’s always worth having two creators in your midfield, especially since this is FIFA we’re talking about. He’s modestly priced, plus managed currently by the great Mick McCarthy, and let’s face it, would he steer you wrong?

CAM top pick – Angel Gomes

best fifa 18 central attacking midfielder

The most precociously talented Manchester United youngster since Ravel Morrison, Angel Gomes should be the first player you purchase upon beginning your career mode. While the 16-year-old only starts at a measly 64 base rating, he costs just £800,000.00 and eventually ascends to an eye-watering rating of 90. Couple that with the fact that he can play CAM, RW, LW, and even CM and you’ve got what has to go down as the pound-for-pound best bargain in FIFA 18. And though his rating is low to begin with, he actually possesses excellent agility, balance and acceleration, so if you’re plying your trade in one of the lower divisions he may be able to do a job right off the bat.

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LW top pick – Ben Woodburn

best fifa 18 left winger

Alongside Trent Alexander-Arnold, Ben Woodburn’s up there as one of Liverpool’s brightest prospects. The Welsh international whiz kid burst onto the scene last season with a couple of eye-catching appearances in the league, not to mention two caps for Wales, with a goal in tow. Though only rated 64, Woodburn’s potential sees him rise to a nicely-rounded 85, and he doesn’t cost a bomb given Liverpool’s wealth of winger options. He’s of course got all the hallmarks of a classic FIFA winger, agility, pace, four-star skills, with the ability to cut across the byline and deliver that killer squared ball when possible. Sign him up.

RW top pick – Yann Karamoh

best fifa 18 right winger

Perhaps not the most essential of players what with his potential hitting just around 84, there’s always something to be said for youngsters who have become consistent starters for mid-tier teams before jumping ship to bigger things. Caen’s Yann Karamoh is one such player – possessing a base rating of 71 but with a high work rate, four-star skills and pace to burn on the flank, the 19-year-old feels right at home within any team looking to play an expansive 4-3-3 system. He’s available rather cheaply before he jumps ship on loan with an option to buy so make sure you’re quick.

Striker top pick – Han Kwang Song

best fifa 18 striker

Now here’s something you don’t see every day – a North Korean footballing starlet making the cut for one of our teams. But that’s just what’s happened as Han Kwang Song – the 19-year-old striker currently plugging away at Perugia – is our top pick for a cheap, effective striker who guarantees goals for any side he plays in. Starting at a base rating of 67 (rising to 86), Song costs around £1.4 million and boasts some eye-catching stats around acceleration, jumping, and dribbling, making him the perfect centerpiece for an expansive 4-3-3 with the focus being on pace and technical nuance. Though not the most skillful by any stretch, Song has a five-star weak foot, meaning he’s a force to be reckoned with once he grows into his potential.

Stay tuned for more FIFA 18 Career Mode bargains for FUT coming soon and as ever don’t forget to leave your list of must-buy FIFA 18 players in the comments section below.