FIFA 18 Career Mode features game-changing 3D player meetings

fifa 18 player meetings

EA Sports is really pushing the boundaries for the FIFA 18 Career Mode this year, bringing an all-new level of interaction.

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Following the occasionally bland, yet often fulfilling FIFA 17 Career Mode, in which we followed young Alex Hunt through his cinematic journey as he tried to make it into the England squad, new FIFA 18 features will include 3D meetings.

You’ll go face-to-face with agents and talk through deals and enjoy transfer negotiations as you flesh things out with your manager and decide whether you’re going to stay with the club or walk away.

You’ll also be able to negotiate sell-on fees and release clauses face-to-face with your colleagues, and when delving into the transfer markets have an interactive conversation with players that could improve your chances of landing them.

Check out the FIFA 18 trailer.

In terms of gameplay, FIFA 18 will feature numerous tweaks on the pitch, including:

  • A reworked animation system
  • Better and more creative dribbling mechanics
  • New ways to cross the ball
  • Different team styles
  • Dynamic quick subsitutions
  • A better atmosphere from the stands

And, much more. A FIFA 18 demo is expected mid-September prior to the release date of September 22, 2017.