Final build footage of Killzone 2

Next month will mark a turning point for the PlayStation 3 with the release of Killzone 2. To further increase the anticipation for the launch of Killzone 2, we have three new gameplay videos for you, which showcase the final build of the game.

These videos are courtesy of IGN and have been broken into three parts. The first video should look familiar, as it’s the same introduction sequence we’ve seen a hundred times. However, be sure to spot the subtle differences in the character models and lighting compared to previous builds of the game. The last two videos are simple gameplay trailers, showing off what gamers can expect to see when popping the disc in for the first time late next month.

Intro Sequence (View HD version here)

Gameplay Video 1 (View HD version here)

Gameplay Video 2 (View HD version here)

Also, just to let our readers know, Sony has sent us our media review copy of Killzone 2. You can expect our full review early next month. Stay tuned.