Final Fantasy 15 DLC: ‘battle system is the core of Episode Gladiolus,’ says dev

final fantasy 15 dlc

Final Fantasy 15 Producer Haruyoshi Sawatari has touched base on the upcoming Episode Gladiolus DLC during an interview with Game Informer. 

Quizzed by the publication on what he considers to be one of the standout components of the DLC, Sawatari named checked Episode Gladiolus’ battle system as major highlight that gamers can look forward to.

The thing that stands out the most about Episode Gladiolus is the battle system. That kind of balance between offense and defense, where by defending you raise your attack power, and by attacking you’re able to form the stronger glaive arts. But, it’s a simple offense-defense system, but that’s where the player skill comes into play, in terms of knowing when to guard, when to have your attack power multiplier at maximum. It just creates a lot of freedom for the player to try out different things, and that’s going to be the core of the secondary modes that unlock after you play the first playthrough,” he said. 


Because your performance is scored basically, and you see how well you perform in terms of doing, all the different actions you do are associated with a certain score, so you kind of have to see if you can get a better score than your friends and that kind of stuff. But really it’s that design of that battle system being so open and flexible for anyone to enjoy, but also inserting the cutscenes at dramatic moments and giving that overall experience. But yeah, that battle system is probably the core of Episode Gladio.”

Square Enix has confirmed that Episode Gladiolus will launch on March 28, with Season Pass holders able to download it right away. The next slice of Final Fantasy 15 DLC following this, Episode Prompto, will launch in June 2017. 

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Final Fantasy 15 was released for PS4 and Xbox One in November 2016 and was met with high praise from critics, and managed to break even on launch day. The title also became the fastest-selling entry in the venerated JRPG series and has shipped over six million copies worldwide as of January 2017.