Final Fantasy 15 Monster of the Deep gameplay details revealed


Square Enix has revealed slew of new Final Fantasy 15: Monster of the Deep gameplay details, confirming how the upcoming PlayStation VR-centric fishing spin-off will work.

For starters, Monster of the Deep will feature a quest system, allowing players to obtain cash to purchase improved equipment. In terms of controls, the player’s left hand will grasp a sonar to detect nearby fish, while your right hand will be utilised to cast your rod by pressing and releasing the trigger as you perform an overarm throwing motion.

Once you’ve done this, your left hand will be used to control the rod’s reel, such as winding back once you’ve snagged a fish. You can also examine your catch up close alongside Noctis, who is fishing beside you during the game. As for the player character, Square Enix has confirmed it’s not an existing member of the cast, but rather a new addition to the unit.

Square Enix also revealed that you can play Final Fantasy 15 Monster of the Deep without the Playstation Move, as it’s also compatible with a regular DualShock 4. As expected, PSVR is mandatory. 

Final Fantasy 15: Monster of the Deep is scheduled for release via PlayStation Network in September 2017. Recently, Square Enix ran the Final Fantasy 15 multiplayer beta, which wrapped on August 8.

Final Fantasy 15 was released on PS4 and Xbox One in November 2016. The game was originally unveiled at E3 2006 as the PS3-exclusive Final Fantasy Versus 13, which was to form part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series of titles based around the world of Final Fantasy 13. 

While few details on the action-RPG were released over the next few years, Square Enix ultimately announced at E3 2013 that the game had been revamped into the newly-titled Final Fantasy 15. Apparently, Final Fantasy Versus 13 had only reached around 25 percent complete by the time it was scrapped. 

Source: VRFocus