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Final Fantasy 16 Developer Confirms ‘Expansive’ Skill Tree System For PS5 RPG

Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida has revealed during an interview at the recent Tokyo Game Show 2021 that the highly anticipated JRPG will boast an expansive skin tree.

Yoshida-san, who was joined in the interview by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, said that the decision to include this system was born out of wanting to make players feel like they were “growing” a character in a personal way.

Sakaguchi-san briefly touched on Fantasian, where he said “one of the best feelings” during an RPG was when you unlocked a new skill tree. Yoshida expanded, echoing Sakaguchi’s feelings:

Theres usually two ways to play a character. You can either put yourself into the shoes of a pre-defined protagonist, or like in [Final Fantasy] 14, you can become your own protagonist. But even in the case where you ‘play’ a pre-defined hero, its better to have some sense of customization in the character’s progression as it gives wider options of play.

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Final Fantasy 16 is currently in development for the PS5, although a release date has yet to be pinned down. Previously, the team revealed that the game would be ‘action-oriented‘ and that a lot of work was being put into the story.

[Source – Siliconera]