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Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth Will Take Up Nearly 150GB Of Storage Space On PS5

Final Fantasy fans are eating well, since for two years in a row there are getting a major release in the series. Last year was Final Fantasy XVI, and this year will be Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth.

Part two in this epic effort to remake what is arguably the best title in the long-running series will release at the end of February, but in the meantime players will have to ensure they’ll have enough storage space for Rebirth since it is primed to be a huge download.

Trusted dataminer PlayStationSize on Twitter has revealed that Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth will require nearly 150GB of space for its launch version, topping out at 145.250GB for version 1.001.000.

PlayStationSize adds that players will be able to pre-load the game on their consoles beginning February 27, 2024, two days before it releases.

We all knew this was going to be a big game, but it’s unlikely anyone thought it would be that big. It’s almost like Square Enix is in a measuring competition with Activision and its Call Of Duty titles.

At the very least players can look at this as a reminder to finally purchase an additional SSD to pop into their console. Thankfully they’re much, much cheaper than they were when players could first start to use additional drives.

Source – [PlayStationSize on Twitter]