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Final Fantasy 7 Remake PS5 Can Now Be Played In Full With A Motion-Controlled Buster Sword

Ever wanted to feel like you are Cloud Strife when playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake? Well, now you can, as Super Louis 64 has now made it possible to play the whole game using a motion-controlled Buster Sword.

A video clip posted on Twitter showcases the Buster Sword in action, which the player can use to block, attack and move by using gestures. Apparently, the mod works on the PS5 and PC versions of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade.

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Super Louis 64 may be familiar to you already, as he has produce videos using unorthodox control methods in the past, including using a banana to control Elden Ring and a pizza for Final Fantasy 14. Yes, really. In Final Fantasy 7’s case, the Buster Sword is the iconic blade wielded by Cloud, and is known for its abnormal size.

Super Louis 64’s Buster Sword controller is about 5ft tall, although it isn’t known right now if it is equipped with the input devices necessary to dish out orders to your party members.