Final Fantasy 9 on PS4 has some sound issues


Final Fantasy 9 sound problems plague launch

The PlayStation 4 version of Final Fantasy 9 is now available to download via the PlayStation Store, though early reports indicate the port is plagued by some pesky audio issues.

Chiefly, these problems seem to echo those of previous Final Fantasy games that have been ported to Sony’s flagship console, and involve music tracks restarting after each and every battle.

Final Fantasy 9 on PS4 is based on the PC conversion of the critically acclaimed JRPG, and it’s clear that something has gone amiss during the porting process. The bug wasn’t present in the PC version of the game, or any of the previous Final Fantasy titles that have contained this issue on PS4.

AuthenticM, a member of NeoGAF, detailed his frustrations with the big in an extensive post.

All three of these games on PS4 have the issue of musical tracks restarting after every battle encounter. Meaning the player would not get to experience many great and magical musical tracks, as he or she would be bugged out of listening more than their first ten or fifteen seconds at most.”

Previous games that featured this bug include Final Fantasy 10-2 HD, although this received a patch to remedy the problem. However, the PS4 version of Final Fantasy 7 (again based on the PC edition) still contains the issue as a patch has yet to be issued by Square Enix.

Final Fantasy 9 was originally released on the PlayStation back in 2000, and saw a return to the more traditional aesthetic of the earlier titles in the venerable JRPG series. The game was a commercial success, selling over five million copies worldwide by March 2003 and achieved a metacritic of 94.

The game has since become a firm favorite among Final Fantasy aficionados, and was readers of Japan’s Famitsu magazine voted it 24th best videogame of all time.