Final Fantasy Versus director says game is "specifically for the PlayStation 3"

With the Tokyo Game Show just days away, we are getting a fair dose of Final Fantasy news. PlayStation 3 fans may be happy to learn that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is being specifically developed for Sony’s console. If there is a multiplatform release, it would be a port of the PS3 version.

According to a Tweet from director Tetsuya Nomura, Versus is developed “specifically for the PlayStation 3.

“Porting is something that’s done after you’ve developed a game specifically for a particular platforms. The debate over porting is decided by the management based off the current market and the costs. All I can say right now as a developer is that Versus is being developed specifically for the PlayStation 3."

Of course, Square says Versus XIII is a PS3 exclusive, but many also believed Final Fantasy XIII would just be released on the PS3. Final Fantasy XIII was released last year as an exclusive in Japan, and now there are rumors floating around that the game will be released on Xbox 360 in that country.