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Feature: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth At Tokyo Game Show 2023

Square Enix showed up to Tokyo Game Show this year in full capacity and with arguably the biggest game of the show – Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. It’s the second game in a planned remake / reimagining trilogy of the landmark role-playing game beloved by fans across the globe. As such, a majority of Square Enix’s TGS 2023 booth was taken up by FF7.

Of the space dedicated to FF7, most of that was taken up by the whopping 100 demo stations. Each station was equipped with a TV and a PlayStation 5 loaded with not just one but two different demos of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Square Enix knows how highly anticipated the sequel is, and planned accordingly. Even with that capacity, so many people queued up that the lines remained long, especially on TGS’s public days. The two demos are of the same sections that press got to play earlier this month, so you can find out more in our full Final Fantasy VII Rebirth preview (with captured gameplay video).

I had the chance to play both FF7 Rebirth demos myself, and walked away even more excited for what’s to come in the FF7 remake series. Being the first of the series developed for the PS5 from the get go, Rebirth has visuals that are noticeably better, showing advancements in detail-level, lighting, and so on.

However, even more important are the improvements and additions to the gameplay. Combat feels smoother and more expanded, especially with the inclusion of Red XIII as a playable character. There are more open areas to explore and now Chocobos are available to ride to traverse faster. Rebirth is shaping up to be a great video game sequel like Uncharted 2 or Batman Arkham City.

Aside from the large demo area, there were various FF7 things to gaze upon and take photos of. The biggest was a life-size replica of the Hardy-Daytona motorcycle Cloud rides.

The booth had lots of FF7 merchandise to gawk over and make any fan want to empty their wallets over. Myself included!

The Cloud and Tifa Limit Break figures will be released as prizes in a raffle ticket lottery at stores in Japan.

The posable figures are part of the Final Fantasy VII Bring Arts figure line.

The Cait Sith knitted plush is purrfectly adorable!

Meanwhile, the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth record vinyl looks beautiful.

Last but not least, the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Collector’s Edition was on display, including the Sephiroth statue it comes with.

The Japanese box art differs, but the Collector’s Edition exclusive steelbook case is the same.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will launch on February 29, 2024 (leap year!) for PlayStation 5.

Thank you to Square Enix for having me at their booth at Tokyo Game Show 2023!