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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s Main Quest Will Take Around 40-50 Hours To Finish

Speaking during an interview with the BBC, Naoki Hamaguchi, game director on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, has revealed that the upcoming RPG will last around 40 – 50 hours for the main quest alone.

Hamaguchi-san also reiterated that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will offer around 100 hours in total for those looking to squeeze as much out of the game as possible.

I’d say just doing the main story alone, you’re looking at 40 to 50 hours to complete without doing anything else. Then on top of that we’ve got so much side content and exploration content in the world. There’s actually more side content than there is main story content.

So if you’re going to really go into everything, dig deep, explore the world and find everything you’re easily looking at over 100 hours if you want to do everything.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is scheduled for release on PS5 on February 29, 2024, and the game will be exclusive to Sony’s current-generation console for at least three months.

[Source – BBC]