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Final Fantasy VII remake story may deviate from original 1997 version

Tetsuya Nomura, the director behind the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake on PlayStation 4, has indicated the highly anticipated project may deviate from the original 1997 source material.

Speaking to GameSpot at E3 2015 this week in regards to whether the remake will adhere strictly to the original game’s story or include new features, Nomura-san replied:

We’ve announced an HD port version on the PlayStation 4, and then we have the remake coming to PS4,” said Nomura-san, via a translater. “You’ll have this extremely, very, very pretty FFVII existing on the same plane. We feel that if that happens, it’s like, why have the same exact game?

We think that if a game is on a certain platform and that platform becomes obsolete, then we’d recommend playing the new port version,” he added.

Square Enix previously confirmed that the game won’t eschew some of the original’s more humorous elements, such as the section where protagonist Cloud is required to dress up as a woman. 

Final Fantasy VII remake for PS4 was announced during Sony’s E3 2015 press event, with more info expected this winter.