Final Fantasy X HD still exists, Square shows off remodeled characters in PS Vita webcast

After an eighteen-month absence from the world stage, Final Fantasy X HD has reappeared–and is looking very good indeed.

Moments ago, Shinji Hashimoto of Square Enix appeared on Sony Computer Entertainment Japan’s live webcast to demonstrate Final Fantasy X HD on PlayStation Vita. The demo was extremely short, but viewers were treated to a glimpse at real-time character models of protagonists Tidus and Yuna. Hashimoto rotated the camera around each character and zoomed in on their faces, revealing something unexpected: character models in Final Fantasy X HD are not simply up-ressed from their PS2 incarnations. Instead, they seem to be entirely remodeled from the ground up.

No other information (release date? other enhancements?) was given, but it’s reassuring to have simply SEEN the game and received confirmation that it does, in fact, still exist. Several days ago, I cited Square’s 18-month extended silence on Final Fantasy X HD as one of the reasons the developer wasted this console generation. Looks like I have reason (however small) to be excited again.

Sound off in the comments if you’re excited for this HD remaster, and stay tuned to for more on Final Fantasy X HD as we hear it.

Video footage courtesy of FinalFantasyDotNet