News Tokyo Game Show [TGS] 2008

Final Fantasy XIII video-only at TGS

According to a schedule released by Square Enix, Final Fantasy XIII will be shown in video form only at the Tokyo Game Show this October. Disappointing news for those of us who’d like to know what – if anything – has changed since the colossal RPG pinned its colours to the multiplatform mast at E3.

You won’t be able to get your hands on the still-PlayStation-3-exclusive Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Kingdom Hearts 3 or PSP spin-off Final Fantasy Agito XIII, either. Boo hiss. On the plus side, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and fangirl’s wet dream Final Fantasy: Dissidia will be playable, and we’ll treated to footage of the intriguing Parasite Eve sequel The Third Birthday.

With Square Enix rather vaguely gesturing towards a 2009 release date, we expect it’ll be a while before we dig up any fresh info on the thirteenth Final Fantasy. Stop by the preview section for the news thus far.