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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Physical Security Token Available for Pre-order

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A few years have passed since Square-Enix made a Shadowbringers Security Token available for their two active MMORPGs. In anticipation of the new expansion, players can finally get their hands on a new one with an added benefit.

Shadowbringers security token
This security feature comes with an added bonus for the extra cost.

Shadowbringers Security Token

The Security Token has been around for Square-Enix’ games for a long time. They add a layer of security for your account with the use of a one-time password with each login. When entering in your credentials, another field appears, asking for your one-time password. These passwords come from the Security Token. This feature also works for both Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV. So, player’s do not need to juggle multiples in order to play both games.

Until July 2, these physical tokens will cost $10.99 and only offer the extra layer of security. However, with this new model of Security Token, players can also choose one aetheryte crystal in the game as their preferred free destination. This means that teleporting to that aetheryte will cost absolutely no gil whatsoever. Granted, the cost of teleporting is rather low in most cases, but reserving one key location as free would help save quite a bit of gil in the long term.

Granted, players also have the added another security option that is totally free. In downloading the Square Enix Software Token application on either the Google Play or Apple Store, players can reap the same security benefits of a physical Security Token without having to pay for it or having to wait for it to arrive. The free teleportation point is not included in this option, however.

FFXIV Shadowbringers - Dohn Mheg
One example of the new dungeons coming in Shadowbringers.

Shadowbringers Early Access

Many exciting things come with the upcoming expansion. Of course, new Main Quests will help see players to max level, but there are also new dungeons to undertake, new jobs to level, and new races to don. All of this comes in just a few days, too.

The official release date for Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers officially launches July 2. However, anyone who pre-orders the expansion ahead of the release will be granted early access. This allows players to get started on the new content early, beginning this Friday, June 28. Players who wish to buy the Shadowbringers Security Token will have to wait until July for them to ship. Either way, adding security to an account makes for a much better time overall.