Final Fantasy XIV StormBlood – New jobs, Red Mage and more new details

 At the North American Final Fantasy Fanfest, Square Enix teased two new jobs, and at the Japanese FanFest this week, during the keynote, they showcased one of those.

Red Mage was confirmed, which will utilise both black magic and white magic, but will be a ranged DPS with a rapier sword for close quarter combat. There will be no base class for this job but it will start at level 50. Players also won’t need to get far into the expansion to unlock Red Mage, with the job being unlocked in one of the original ARR towns. The rapier also has a Magicked Crystal Medium for an off-hand weapon. Though the name is not finalized yet this allows the Red Mage to turn his sword into a magic staff. It also looks like they’ll be a new emote with the Red Mage making a heart sign with his fingers, alongside a battle pose or possible victory pose. It will use chain spell to do certain abilities in succession.

Swimming will also be added to the game, which will allow you to go underwater in certain areas, including 2.0 Areas. The areas will be limited but one of the first confirmed locations will be Costa Del Sol which was shown during the live stream. You will also be able to use mounts underwater — there will be no battles underwater but it is possible to die if you have a DoT on you when you go underwater. There will also be gathering nodes to find they mentioned ‘fisher’ being very profitable with this new system, but all the other jobs will also have some use to it. There will also be diving which will allow you to go in further underwater. This will be limited to 4.0 Stormblood locations though, and the water has to be deep to access these areas. You will go straight into diving or swimming just by reaching the body of water, without loading times or a button needed to pressed to jump in. You can also use flying mounts when swimming, though these are the only mounts that can swim with the old land mounts being limited to land still. I also noticed some emotes being used during the live stream, with the miqo’te waving and laying on her back on the water relaxing; it looked like the Lalafell did a dive bomb into the ocean also but we don’t have official confirmation.

They teased some of the new areas, with them being at least the same size as Heavensward with the potential to be bigger areas. The new beastman tribe was announced based on Lamia, they are called Anatas. They mainly live in the Mountains near Ala Mihgo though they are also being oppressed by the Garleans. They are very good with magic and gem crafting. Their primal is Lakshmi the Lady of Bliss, and they mentioned Sophia the current goddess when talking about her. She first appeared in Final Fantasy VI, and it seems they have used her old design as a reference for her XIV appearance, which if she is like Sophia means her attacks will probably also come back during the primal fight against her in someway. The beastman tribe is also pretty much only women.

Last fanfest they teased some new raids, and in Tokyo they announced the 8-man raid Omega The Bend of Time, though apart from teasing the fact it will be linked to the 3.5 patch which will come out next month they have not revealed anything else about it. They also made note to mention that you will not have to beat the raid to continue with the Main Story questline so for people who do not wish to do the end game content can still ignore the raids.The 24 man raid which is being written by Yasumi Matsuno will be called Return to Ivalice. With the name and the fact he made Final Fantasy XII, it would suggest this new raid will have several call backs to the previous game. The plot has been fully written, though he did apologize if there is any delays for the raid. The boss designs for the new raid will be created by Keita Amemiya, who really wanted to talk about stuff during the keynote but he wasn’t allowed to spoil anything.

They also teased near the end that the main theme music will be at the next fanfest which will be in February at Frankfurt Germany, with the music having a more upbeat tone than previous main themes, though there will be some emotional sections in the theme. The music is being composed by Nobuo Uematsu. They also announced the collector’s edition which includes a Stormblood art book, Cloth Map, Figure of the Villain Zeno, and a Car decal which has been requested by NA players. The digital items include a Syldra mount, Wind-up Bartz and a Chicken Knife for Red Mage. The preorders should start January 24, 2017 with the game hopefully releasing on June 20, though this could still get delayed if any issues arise before then.