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Final Fantasy XV is a huge game, will last around 200 hours in total

Final Fantasy XV Game Director Hajime Tabata has revealed that the hotly anticipated JRPG packs around 200 hours of gameplay in total.

Speaking during on the Square Enix E3 2016 live event (via GameSpot), Tabata-san reiterated that the story alone will take you around 40-50 hours to complete, although the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One title still has plenty more content under the hood when you factor in side quests and other distractions.

"In terms of clearing the main story, we’re anticipating about 40 to 50 hours of gameplay," he said. "So at the very least, there’ll be 40 hours worth of content to enjoy in the final game."

With just the extra stuff alone, we’re looking at maybe 100 hours of gameplay," Tabata-san continued. "So if you count all of that, maybe we’re looking at 200 hours of gameplay… the final version of the game coming out–about 200 hours total."

He went on to add that players “have been waiting quite a while for this game,” and as such wants to make sure there is “a lot of content for them to enjoy.” 

Final Fantasy XV was showcased extensively at E3 this year, and was featured at Sony’s press conference where it was revealed the game will include a PlayStation VR gameplay mode. Check out the latest screenshots.

Final Fantasy XV finally hits PS4 this fall after its first reveal ten years ago

Final Fantasy XV has been the subject of an arduous and complicated development cycle, with the game’s original incarnation, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, being announced a decade ago for PS3. 

Square Enix would showcase minor updates on the game over the next few years, although it wasn’t long before murmurs began to suggest the title had been shelved. Fortunately this wasn’t the case, as the Japanese publisher re-revealed the game as FFXV during Sony’s E3 2013 press event alongside Kingdom Hearts III. 

The project has had more than a name change, however. Much of the game has been revamped, and some characters, such as Stella, have been removed altogether. Square Enix also admitted that at one point it considered the venerable franchise a dying IP that had already peaked.

Final Fantasy XV is due out on September 30. Were you lucky enough to pick up the sumptuous Ultimate Collector’s Edition?