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Final Fantasy XVI Demo Is Now Available To Download On PS5

Square Enix has released the Final Fantasy XVI demo for the PS5 today, which allows players to experience the first two hours of the game.

Producer Naoki Yoshida announced the demo’s release during a special pre-launch live stream overnight, and confirmed that any progress made during the demo can be transferred over to the full version of the game. Once you have completed the Prologue demo, you will unlock a second ‘Battle Demo’ that focuses on combat.

Last month, Yoshida-san revealed that Final Fantasy XVI was originally planned for release on both PS5 & PS4, although to get a cross-generation release the game would have had to endure at least another year of production.

As to why the game is a console exclusive to PS5, Yoshida-san said in a separate interview that it simply came down to the fact that Sony made Square Enix the best offer. Elsewhere, the team confirmed that there are currently no plans to release any DLC for Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy XVI is scheduled for release on PS5 on June 22, 2023.