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Final Fantasy XVI Online Trolls Are ‘Tiresome,’ Says Producer Naoki Yoshida

Final Fantasy XVI Naoki Yoshida has hit back at online trolls in a documentary released in Japan, expressing his disdain for people who simply yell abuse on the game and do not offer something constructive.

A translation of Yoshi-P’s comments from Twitter user aitaikmochi reads as follow:

There’s a lot of people who just yell at you — people I’ve never seen, met, or talked to before. It’s weird. What did we do to them? Perhaps they just write it from a place of negativity and malice. It’s tiresome.

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Final Fantasy XVI has generally received high praise from critics and gamers alike, although there are its detractors who question whether it can be called a Final Fantasy game due to its more action-oriented gameplay. Meanwhile, Square Enix has asked Japanese players what they want to see from the game in the future, further hinting at the prospect of DLC, which Yoshida-san himself has said is possible.

Final Fantasy XVI was released for PS5 on June 22, 2023, and you can read our full verdict on the game here.

[Source – Naoki Yoshida Interview via aitaikimochi on Twitter]