Find Xur today in Destiny and check out his sweet swag


So, you’re on the hunt for Xur? Want to see what items the Agent of the Nine has in stock today? There’s some good news:

Xur has arrived.

When does Xur arrive?

The Destiny vendor has arrived in the social hub, and he has some exotic swag that you can pick up with your Strange coins. And, check this out:

Xur is here from 10am BST on Friday July 7 and doesn’t leave until 11am BST on Sunday July 8.

That means you have two days to find Xur and pick up any new weapons and armor that he may have!

Last week, the hooded salesman was hiding out in the Reef. Where is Xur today?

You can find him right now in The Tower in the Hangar bar.

when does Xur arrive

What items does Xur have?

More importantly, you’ll probably want to know what’s in his inventory. Check out this swag:

  • Eternal Warrior – Helmet
  • Young Ahamkara’s Spine – Gauntlets
  • Ophidian Aspect – Gauntlets
  • Hawkmoon – Hand Cannon
  • Weapon Bundles: Monte Carlo and Superspy, Zhalo Supercell and Not a Toy

xur items

Great Destiny 2 news

We guess you’re also getting hyped for Destiny 2, right? Here’s some news to get your excited:

The Destiny 2 beta trailer is live. Check it out, it looks fantastic.

Also, did you see the Destiny 2 hub walkthrough? There’s a first look at The Farm, the new social space in Bungie’s upcoming shooter. If you thought The Tower and The Reef was cool, then you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Here’s a sneak peek screenshot of the backdrop. Looks nice, huh?

destiny 2 hub

Now, watch the trailer as the guys from Bungie guide you around the new hub.

We guess you want to get into the beta, and it’s pretty easy to do so. Simply:

Preorder Destiny 2 and get early access on July 18, or wait until the Destiny 2 beta is open to all on July 21. The beta ends on July 23, so you’ll have a few days to enjoy the action!

Preload early 

Check out this nice little bonus if you do preorder:

You’ll be able to preload Destiny 2 three days before its official release on September 3. The official launch date is September 6, 2017.

Have fun, Guardians!