Firewatch is getting a limited physical release on PS4

The PlayStation 4 version of Firewatch will be getting a limited edition physical release, developer Campo Santo has announced.

Teaming up with Limited Run Games, the studio has confirmed that Firewatch will hit PS4 on disc later this year, and comes packaged with a fold-out map of the game’s setting of Shoshone National Forest.

Firewatch PS4 physical release comes in light of sales milestone

The PS4 version of Firewatch was originally released in February of this year, and later hit Xbox One a few months back. The game picked up rave reviews from critics at the time, and also proved to be quite a hit commercially, selling nearly one million copies as of September 2016. 


Firewatch takes place in Wyoming wilderness in 1989, with players hopping into the shoes of fire lookout Henry, who has been assigned to Shoshone National Forest watch tower to survey the area. Throughout the game, players uncover a number of mysterious occurrences in the area while exploring the forest, including spotting a shadowy figure who appears to be watching Henry from afar. 

Henry’s only way to communicate is via his walkie-talkie, which he can use to chat to his supervisor, Delilah. Firewatch features a number of dialogue options to select from during these conversations, which will shape Henry’s relationship with Delilah going forward. A night/day cycle is also included in the game. 

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