Firewatch may divide opinion, but it’s an undisputed commercial success

Developer Campo Santo has confirmed that Firewatch has sold one million copies worldwide across PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One formats.

Firewatch sales reached huge milestone

The company announced the news in a post on Twitter, as well as posting a reminder that Firewatch PS4 will be receiving a limited run physical release this year. The game was originally released in early 2017 for the PS4 and PC, and hit Xbox One in September last year, after which Campo Santo admitted that the game’s sales vastly exceeded their expectations

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Firewatch takes place in the North American state of Wyoming in the year 1989, and follows fire lookout Henry as he gets caught up in a series of mysterious events out in the wilderness. His only form of communication is via walkie-talkie, which links him back to HQ and his supervisor, Delilah. Depending on your dialogue choices, Henry’s attitude with your supervisor can change, permanently affecting their relationship.

Campo Santo and Good Universe are teaming up to produce a film adaptation of Firewatch, though no details are currently available on the project.