First image of I Am Alive, new details

Developed by Darkworks (Cold Fear and Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare), I Am Alive follows the life of Adam Collins, a man who finds himself stuck in the middle of a major catastrophe, fighting for survival against mother nature.

According to I Am Alive’s producer Alexis Goddard, the development team wants players to truely feel the intensity and power of the destruction and chaos that surrounds them.

"We wanted the player really feel the power of Mother Nature," said Goddard. "Nothing beats the sight of the first person to create this kind of emotions."

Outside of surviving the fallout of collapsing buildings and navigating around giant open crevices where the earth has cracked leaving gaping cavities, players will need to find essential items such as water and eventually weapons and ammunition.

I Am Alive is due for release later this year.