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Focus Entertainment Takes Over As Majority Owner Of BlackMill Games

Focus Entertainment has taken over from M2H as the majority owner of BlackMill Games, the developers behind the WW1 Game Series, who have a brand new title launching tomorrow in Isonzo.

The acquisition was announced early Monday, marking the sixth studio to join Focus Entertainment.

Going forward, the studio will still be run by founder and creative director of the WW1 Game Series, Joe Hoebe, who will also retain his 33.33% stake. The studio will also be known as BlackMill Games B.V going forward.

“This acquisition constitutes a great addition for Focus Entertainment portfolio and its federation of talents.” said chief executive officer at Focus Entertainment, Christophe Nobileau.

“The studio has already shown strong DNA and identity, and has proven to be expert on delivering immersive, authentic, and realistic multiplayer FPS experiences with its WW1 Game Series.” he continued.

For BlackMill Games part, Hoebe is looking towards the future brightly.

“I’m proud and excited for the upcoming launch of Isonzo, and by teaming up with Focus Entertainment, which is a larger and more experienced partner, and will help the series reach its full potential.”

Focus Entertainment seems quite intent on further expanding BlackMill Games, and the series of realistic WW1 FPS that BlackMill has made its name creating.

It’ll be interesting to see what fruit this acquisition bears.

Source – [Focus Entertainment Press Release]