Folding@Home nearing 1 PFLOP

The Folding@Home Project at Stanford University has been getting a huge boost from Sony’s PlayStation 3 users. Currently there are 31516 active "PS3 folders" running out of a worldwide total of 139315 PS3 folders.

Just in case you have no idea what Folding@Home is, here’s a brief summery:

Folding@Home is a program that links computers running the client program into a computation network capable of processing data as fast as the world’s fastest super computer without having to spend the millions of dollars for a super computer. The project’s ultimate goal is to find cures for diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease by studying their protein strands as they fold or change over a matter of a few seconds.

After Sony stepped in and incorporated the client software into the PlayStation 3 it enabled its users to help the cause. Thanks to the 139315 PlayStation 3 users and the millions of other PC and Mac users the program has nearly reached 1 PFLOP or 1 quadrillion floating point operations.

Theres still roughly 98 TFLOPs to go but with things being so close to we have to give all the donors a round of applause!