For Honor server issues bring Champion reward for all players

for honor servers maintenance

The For Honor server issues experienced since launch have caused a headache for many players, but at least Ubisoft is attempting to pacify fans by issuing them with a nice little boost.

The Ubisoft servers were rattled last week across numerous PS4 games running UPlay, including The Division server and Rainbow Six Siege. Though we don’t know yet whether Ubisoft has a ‘gesture of good will’ up its sleeves for those games, we do know that For Honor players will get the following:

1. Champion Status from March 3-5.
2. Ability to participate in a special community Order that will grant x2 the amount of steel.

Champion Status will offer a decent For Honor XP boost this weekend, which includes:

  • A pretty ribbon next to your name
  • 25% XP boost
  • 10% XP boost for teammates
  • Extra salvage from dismantled gear

The latest For Honor update 1.03 went live yesterday for PC users, while PS4 and Xbox One players will have to wait a little longer for the patch, which fixes numerous bugs and tweaks mechanics.

Let’s hope that in addition to the XP Boost, we’ll see an end to the For Honor server disruption too!