For Honor servers down as new update brings in dead bots

for honor servers down

On publishing this article, the For Honor servers are currently down with no maintenance planned.

For Honor is having a somewhat shaky start. Launching recently on PS4, Xbox and PC, there’s no complaints at all about Ubisoft’s hack ‘n slash in terms of its epic sword/axe/huge spiked ball gameplay, but it’s the servers sporadically going down, or other connection issues that have become a concern.

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The For Honor servers have been up and down like a yo-yo since launch but there’s hope that Ubisoft has been paying attention on social media and community forums where players have frequently been drawing the studio’s attention to server issues.

There’s even a petition been started in order to persuade Ubisoft to change the P2P to a dedicated server.

One area where Ubisoft has certainly been listening is with feedback regarding the actual game. In the new For Honor update, there’s a host of tweaks, fixes and improvements coming, including:

Bots Replacing Players in Duel / Brawl / Elimination Game Modes:

  •  In response to player feedback from Beta, we will address your concerns regarding Bots with full health replacing leaving players. We will now replace the leaving player with a dead Bot in Duel, Brawl, and Elimination game modes. This will effectively make you win the current round if it was the only opponent left alive. For the rounds that follow, the Bot will stay in place of the player.

Conqueror and Berserker:

  • Currently if your opponent blocks a light attack from these two characters, they can combo into a free Guard Break. This will no longer happen.


  • We will address the bug where the second and third stabs from a guardbreak do not apply bleed.


  • Light Attacks: reduced recovery time
  • Light Chains: reduced time between attacks
  • Pouncing Thrust & Hunter’s Strike: Increased damage and link options after those moves
  • Shield Crush: add link to Light Attack chains
  •  Hunter’s Rush: reduced recovery time

Guardbreak Counter (All Heroes):

  • Currently you can’t counter a guardbreak during a guardbreak attempt. This will be return to the previous behavior seen in the Beta.

A release date for the For Honor update has yet to be confirmed.