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For Honor Tier List Season 6 Shows You Best Characters In The Game

For Honor Tier List Season 6

Are you looking for the For Honor Tier list Season 6? If so, search no more for we give you all the answers that you are looking for. We’ve got the For Honor Tier list Season 6 that you can use with the strongest characters in the game.

D For Honor Tier List Season 6

  • Shugoki- Has poor dodge recovery and not the best in offense. There is no way to use Demon’s embrace in duels. However, his asset is his speed revive combined with his passive armor.
  • Aramusha- It has no offense and has short dodging range. He performs best using forward dodge.

C For Honor Tier List Season 6

  • Valkyrie- Valkyrie best skills in For Honor are a leg sweep combo with shield crush and a great dodge attack. But she has poor recovery times.
  • Warden- He uses shoulder bash but it can be easily dodged. He has does well at punishing enemy stamina and has a fast zone attack.
  • Raider- His zone mixups are problematic as a side dodge defeats both zone and stunning tap. Raider’s attacks are really slow and you can stop his dodge with good timing.
  • Lawbringer- His heavy and light parries can inflict 50 damage. His shove on block can be easily dodged and he has poor dodge recovery.

B For Honor Tier List Season 6

  • Nobushi- He is a good defensive hero but has no threatening mixups. He finds it difficult to deal with turtles and is often obliged to rely to defense to win.
  • Centurion- He is fast in both light and heavy attacks. However, he has soft feint and depends on parry punishes to win.
  • Warlord- His major defenses are out of lock mixups with crashing charge. He head butts enemies for damages but little else

B For Honor Tier List Season 6

  • Shaman-They are considered as one of the best classes and can cause fatal bleeding damage. He also has good offense, dodge recovery, and fast dodge attacks.
  • Shinobi- He is the best when it comes to mobility which when combined with light attacks can shut down offense quickly. He can inflict 24 light attack damage, 40 on heavy attacks and 50 damage deflect.
  • Kensei- He has great mixups, zone attacks and has high damage output. He can easily open turtled foes using pommel strike.
  • Highlander- He works best in offense with 400 ms dodge recovery into a kick and 300ms offensive light strike. He has good mixups. However, you can stop his kick/caber toss by rolling or dodging.

S For Honor Tier List Season 6

  • Berseker- He can tear an assassin apart using a 400ms hyper armor light attacks. You cannot simply get pass his defense because of his hyper armor.
  • Gladiator- His feinted glad zone was difficult to punish even if you dodged it. However, he has poor reflex guard.
  • Peacekeeper- He has great and fast zone attack and is the best turtle assassin. His dagger cancel attack usually surprises opponents.
  • Orochi- He relies on his fast counter attacks, chains and a 400 ms light attack. He also has great mixups, recovery frames and speedy dodge attacks.
  • Conqueor- He has strong offense, different shield bash timing. He also has good zone and great mixups.

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