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Former PS Now And PS Plus Subscribers Are Seeing A Smaller Price Hike From The PS Plus Price Increase

As of yesterday, everyone who wants a PlayStation Plus subscription will be paying more than they would’ve before yesterday, and it’s quite a bit more.

That is, unless you are someone who used to subscribe to PlayStation Now, and PS Plus back before the new tiered system.

Players are reporting that they’ve received emails from Sony about the price hike, with their new subscription charged listed as a fair bit lower than the new, official price.

As of yesterday, (September 6), the new price in the UK for PS Plus Premium is £119.99. Other plays have reported getting similar emails, so it would appear that Sony is providing a discount to those extra loyal players, or at least those who opened their wallets a little more in the past.

That, or it could all be an error and these players will soon receive correction emails that are likely to come as a big disappointment.

At least if your annual subscription renews sometime before November 6, 2023 then you won’t be paying the new prices until next year.

Source – [PlayStationLifeStyle]