Former Sony Chairman: Nintendo is getting it right

Nobuyuki Idei may only be a business and investment consultant nowadays, but he was Sony’s Chairman from 1999 to 2005. That time period was a very prosperous gap for the electronics giant, so it’s no surprise that so many come to him for consultation.

Idei recently spoke with The Financial Times in order to discuss Japan’s struggling electronics industry, claiming that he was quite confident in a company like Nintendo and what they’re achieving. Furthermore, Idei discussed how the Japanese electronics industry should consolidate and push forward.

"In the past,‭ ‬Japan was criticized for being an over-banked country‭; ‬now it is over-electronics," Idei commented.

The Nintendo Wii was brought up when Idei discussed how electronic companies should consider going beyond processing information. He feels companies should "‬sense what it is happening in the world and then act on it.‭" He then went on to cite how the Wii has done a great job doing just that, claiming that Nintendo is getting it right.