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Fortnite Is Adding Loki As A Playable Character For Its Monthly Subscription Service

Epic Games has announced that Loki, Marvel’s God of Mischief, is joining Fortnite as a playable character as part of the game’s monthly subscription service.

Fortnite Crew costs $19.99/£9.99 to join, and Loki is joining the antics as part of the July 2021 Fortnite Crew Pack on June 30 at 5.00pm. The character is obviously pretty big right now, as he’s starring in his own show on Disney+ played by the brilliant Tom Hiddleson, reprising his role from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This Pack features the Loki Laufeyson Outfit, his classic accessory the Loki’s Cape Back Bling, the glow stick of destiny Loki’s Scepter Pickaxe, the Chitauri Chariot Glider (not of Asgard or any world known), and the Loki’s Welcoming Loading Screen.

Watch a trailer below.

Previously, the game has featured a number of Marvel-inspired content, such as the Infinity Gauntlet back when Avengers: Infinity War hit cinemas. Various other crossovers have also joined the game over the years, cementing Fortnite firmly as a pop culture juggernaut.

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Epic Games launched Fortnite Crew back in December 2020 to coincide with Chapter 2 – Season 5 of the battle royale title.