Epic Games Fortnite Patch Notes

Fortnite Update 5.2 Patch Notes Confirm New LTM Today

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The new Fortnite update 5.2 will be available to download today. Ushering in a wealth of new content and bug fixes for Battle Royale.

In the Fortnite update 5.2 patch notes, Epic Games has listed some general changes. These apply to weapons, performance, animation and much more.

We also know that there’s a new Limited Time Mode (LTM) called Steady Storm. Safe zones are being removed, and players will need to keep on the move to avoid the storm.

There’s also a new double-barrel shotgun for Battle Royale. Meanwhile, in Fortnite update 5.2 Save The World introduces some new weekly Horde challenges and a new Mythic Outlander. This new character will deliver a devastating Seismic Impact ground-smashing ability.

It’s also rumored that the Epic Heavy Sniper rifle could be available. This powerful new weapon will deliver 342 headshot damage and 150 body damage.

In a recent datamine, it’s also suggested that we could be seeing Panda team leader Fortnite skin, new gliders and items, including a zipline and grappling hook. This is unconfirmed though, and could appear in a later update.

We’ve listed the patch notes for Battle Royale only. You can read the Save The World patch notes on the official Fortnite website.

Fortnite Update 5.2 Patch Notes


Steady Storm has one constantly moving storm closing in on the island. Stay ahead of it and take down the other players to earn a Victory Royale!

Mode Details

  • One Storm that closes in over the course of 15 minutes.
  • There are no safe zone circles. Keep an eye on the map to predict where the Storm will close in.
  • The Storm does 10 damage per second.
  • Profile Stats (K/D & Wins) and Challenges are tracked in this mode.


Playground is a low-pressure environment where friends can let their creativity run wild, build massive structures, practice with weapons and items, and fight against your friends. Have fun!

What’s New?

  • Fill/No Fill option added to game mode selector.
  • Chest & floor loot changed back to one weapon spawn each in order to cut down on clutter.

Mode Details

  • Drop into the Battle Royale map with a squad of friends for an hour.
  • Play on the same team to build together or switch to different teams to fight.
  • Players respawn unless eliminated by the Storm.
  • The Storm doesn’t start for 55 minutes and takes 5 minutes to close in.
  • 10 times the amount of resources are gained from harvesting.
  • 100 Llamas will be spawned on the map.
  • Chests & ammo boxes spawn 100% of the time and contain extra ammo.


  • Double Barrel Shotgun added.
    • Available in Epic and Legendary variants.
    • Can be found from floor loot, chests, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines.
    • Delivers high burst damage at very close range but damage falls off heavily at distance.
    • Fires 10 pellets like other Shotguns, has a larger spread, lower critical damage multiplier (1.25x), and a 2 second cooldown time when swapping weapons.
    • Epic Variant
      • Up to 143 base damage per shot at extreme close range.
    • Legendary Variant
      • Up to 150 base damage per shot at extreme close range.
    • Vending Machine rebalance.
      • Vending Machines spawn more often, cost less, and have an increased chance to spawn at a higher rarity.
        • Common Vending Machine
          • Spawn chance reduced from 7.27% to 6.67%.
          • Material cost reduced from 100 to 75.
        • Uncommon Vending Machine
          • Spawn chance increased from 14.55% to 20%.
          • Material cost reduced from 200 to 150.
        • Rare Vending Machine
          • Spawn chance increased from 14.55% to 20%.
          • Material cost reduced from 300 to 225.
        • Epic Vending Machine
          • Spawn chance increased from 5.45% to 18.67%.
          • Material cost reduced from 400 to 300.
        • Legendary Vending Machine
          • Spawn chance increased from 3.64% to 8%.
          • Material cost reduced from 500 to 375.
        • Chance for no Vending Machine to spawn at a location reduced from 54.67% to 26.66%
      • Reduced Remote Explosives drop count and max stack size.
        • Drop count reduced from 4 to 3.
        • Max stack size reduced from 10 to 6.
      • Added a higher accuracy penalty to jumping and sprinting for Dual Pistols, Submachine Guns, and Hunting Rifles.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the storm in phase 6 to do 1 less damage than intended.
  • Fixed replication issues caused by interacting with a Guided Missile.


  • The weapon fire position now more closely follows the actual player position when crouching and un-crouching.
    • Shooting while leaving the crouched stance will no longer fire bullets from full standing height until the animation is complete.
  • Crouch does not interrupt emotes anymore and is disabled when emoting.

Bug Fixes

  • Certain player models will no longer obstruct camera angles or block crosshairs on slopes.
  • Fixed an issue where a wall would become invisible when destroyed on a client, but would still have some health on the server.
  • The camera will no longer instantly transition when attempting to aim certain weapons while in midair.
  • Trap selection will no longer unintentionally cycle when switching to available traps.
  • Fixed an unintentional camera adjustment when entering and exiting targeting while transitioning in and out of crouch.
  • Visual effects will now properly play when a vehicle impacts an environment prop.
  • Fixed reliability issues when using a rocket launcher to boost shopping carts or the ATK.
  • Fixed an occasional failure of glider deploying after exiting a Rift.
  • Switching weapons after an emote will now play the correct weapon switch animation.
  • Slurp Juice will no longer continue to heal or provide shields after being knocked down.
  • Player placed map markers will no longer appear to jitter on the minimap or in the world.


  • Significant GPU optimization on Switch. Moved to the high-end forward renderer. This increases dynamic resolution by 10% in expensive scenes.
  • Optimized the way explosives modify buildings to lighten the load on dedicated servers.
  • Building props have more efficient network usage when taking damage.
  • Melee animation trails now use significantly less network traffic.
  • Optimized C4 network usage, the impact sound no longer broadcasts to players outside a certain range. It now only plays for players that are close enough to the impact.


  • Added new equip sounds to grenades.
  • Add the ability to honk while driving the ATK.
  • Lowered the volume of impact sounds when harvesting vehicles.
  • Added audio effects for when spectating squadmates leave the match.
  • In the Locker menu, glider audio will fade out when it’s unselected.

Bug Fixes

  • Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle scope-in sounds are no longer hard-panned to the left on Switch.
  • Audio for the rocket incoming sound will now properly play during close range fights.
  • Ambient audio loops will no longer stack on each other and play at once. This was creating a sound phasing issue that sounded similar to a “fighter jet”.
  • Footsteps will no longer sound uneven for players outside your field of view.
  • Players will no longer hear ‘ghost footsteps’ after eliminating an enemy.


  • Bust a move with an ATK or Shopping Cart. New functionality has been added to the UI that shows what type of stunt you pulled and the points you earned for landing them. Which tricks will you pull off?
  • The Challenges menu can now be opened in-game.
    • Additionally, Daily and Suggested Challenges have been added to the in-game map screen.
  • Modified the Battle Royale Challenges screen to display the remaining challenge bundle unlock time as a countdown once it is less than 13 hours away.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the buttons at the top of the Outfit style selection screen overlapping with the draggable window title bar area.
  • Eliminations at Haunted Hills Challenge will now display as hard.
  • Players who have unlocked the ability to select color styles for the Carbide and Omega Outfits will no longer randomly become locked out of that option.
  • The ‘Toggle Favorite’ option no longer shows when selecting styles.
  • The Build Bar no longer stays active if it was active on the warmup island.
  • Quest updates and vehicle key hints no longer overlap on the HUD.
  • Punctuation in the Challenge descriptions has been corrected.
  • Fixed clipping on the Item Return screen for systems with aggressive Safe Zone settings.
  • Changing setting while inside the Battle Bus will no longer bring up the full HUD earlier than intended.
  • The HUD will now show the vehicle currently being driven rather than the one that was driven last.


  • Updated the effect of lighting on character models.
  • Added equip and holding animations for all grenades.

Bug Fixes

  • The size of the Soccer ball in the juggling emote has been fixed.
  • Leaning while on All Terrain Karts no longer cancels emotes.
  • Player models will no longer appear twisted while controlling the Guided Missile.


Bug Fixes

  • Cameras no longer get stuck in a bad state while following the Battle Bus.
  • Rapidly skipping through a replay on non-desktop platforms no longer causes a crash.
  • The players remaining counter for the 50v50 LTM now appears properly when viewing replays.
  • The damage numbers toggle in replays now works properly.
  • Damage numbers now properly appear on the final elimination during replays.
  • Player list on the Map screen now works correctly using a gamepad.
  • Health and shield bars on map screen player list now display correctly.


  • Customizable fire mode selection screen added to mix and match fire modes.
  • Added FPS (frames per second) mode setting for mobile devices.
  • Added another individual quickbar button to the HUD layout tool.
  • Added mobile Elimination Feed.
  • Separated Quickbar buttons are more visible in the HUD Layout tool.
  • Harvest tool will now alternate between itself and the previously selected item when tapped.

Bug Fixes

  • Completed or expired Challenges are now cleared while navigating between Challenges.
  • Ramps will no longer be built through other ramps.
  • Shooting when interacting with objects no longer occurs.
  • Fixed inconsistency with mobile low power mode support.

Epic Games has yet to confirm an exact time when Fortnite update 5.2 will be available.