Frantic and fun multiplayer cook em’ up Overcooked gets release date

And now for something a little bit different; Team 17 have confirmed that Overcooked, the latest title from independent developer Ghost Town Games will release next month on PS4.

A frantic arcade affair, Overcooked casts between 1-4 players as chefs working in a team as they busily prepare, cook and serve up a variety of tasty orders across a wide range of increasingly bizarre stages such as a pirate ship, moving train, active volcano to name just a few.

From supporting each other with ingredient collecting for a wide range of meals that encompasses everything from soup to burritos, to putting out kitchen fires and more besides, there doesn’t seem to be a single moment’s rest in Overcooked to say the least. Brilliantly, in addition to a large twenty-eight level strong campaign that can be tackled with up to four players co-operatively, Overcooked also packs in nine versus competitive levels, fourteen different chefs to play as and eleven shiny PlayStation trophies to collect.

Overcooked is available to pre-order from the PlayStation Store right this instant and is expected to retail for £12.99 / $16.99 / 15,99 €, when it releases on August 3.

Until then though, why not feast your eyes on the manic trailer for Overcooked below.