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Free Radical Co-Founder Expresses Disappointment Over TimeSplitters Cancellation, Is Likely Done With The Series

Steve Ellis, the co-founder of Free Radical, has admitted he’s likely done with the TimeSplitters franchise following the cancellation of the series’ reboot after the developer was shuttered as one of many casualties within Embracer Group.

Speaking with, Ellis explained that he’s unsure if TimeSplitters still has a future and that his time with the series has probably comer to an end, describing the experience as ‘a big letdown.’

It’s probably the end of me being involved with TimeSplitters. I don’t know if Plaion or Embracer will do anything with it. I don’t know what it would take to get me to want to go through all that again. It was a big letdown.

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I did have an idea that I would do something that wasn’t games. But… I always end up gravitating back. It’s what I’ve done for nearly 30 years.

We had the Embracer situation going on, where they had announced they were looking at closing some projects and studios. But the public statements they had made up to that point made us feel like we were safe. The criteria didn’t seem to apply to our project.

The TimeSplitters franchise began in 2000 as a launch title for the PS2, and spawned two successful sequels.

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