Friday the 13th: The Game single-player DLC will be free


Gun Media has announced that free single-player content will be wingings its way to the publisher’s troubled Friday the 13th: The Game at some point soon.

Speaking to GameSpot, the company also confirmed that it is working on fixing more performance issues with the game, which launched a few months back and had more than a few teething problems.

Thankfully, due to the huge amount of support we’ve received from fans, our team has been able to expand work on future content to coincide with our focus on fixing performance issues. We are incredibly excited to share news very soon, including more on the upcoming single-player mode that will be available at no additional charge.”

Friday the 13th: The Game was released a few weeks back but was plagued by a number of server issues, with Gun Studios underestimating the number of players flocking to the game on launch day. Matchmaking also became a serious problem, with gamers forced to endure lengthy waiting times and frequent disconnections. Fortunately, the studio fixed many of these problems in update 1.04.

Based on the popular slasher film series from Paramount Pictures, the survival horror title sees seven Camp Crystal Lake counsellors attempting to survive against the inexorable teen-killer Jason, with the game set in a semi-open world that offers plenty of exploration. Friday the 13th was funded via Kickstarter and BackerKit, becoming the 124th most successful crowdfunded project of all time. 

Source: TheSixthAxis