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Future PS5 System Software Updates Teased As Sony Has A List With ‘Fantastic Ideas’

Hideaki Nishino, the SVP of Platform Experience at Sony Interactive Entertainment, has teased what to expect from future PS5 system software updates during a Q&A posted on the PlayStation Blog.

When asked what the format holder has in store for the future, Nishino-san made it clear that the community has been requesting a lot of features, but kept mum on what Sony is actually working on. He did, however, mention that it has a huge list of features that they wanted to include before the console even launch.

Did I digest the whole list? I don’t think so, yet. But, there are interesting, exciting, fantastic ideas on the list. At the same time, we launched PS5. So, we are receiving a bunch of feedback from the community through social networks or system telemetry, as well as the media, my family, my friends. We have tons of lists of the feedback.

As I said, when I look back at the list of things we need to do, there’s a lot. There’s a lot the community is asking for as well. I want to say in the Japanese way, I’m diligently working on these lists and there will be more coming out in the future.

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The most recent PS5 system software update came out earlier in the month, and come with support for M.2 SSDs and more.

[Source – PlayStation Blog]