Gamescom 2011: Silent Hill: Book of Memories detailed

Konami has let loose a few tantalizing tidbits on its forthcoming PlayStation Vita horror romp, Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

As previously rumored, the game will indeed be the first Silent Hill game to support multiplayer, and allows gamers to cooperate and explore the grisly ‘Otherworld’ together. Interestingly, a cheeky snapshot taken during Konami’s presser (courtesy of Joystiq) depicts a top-down perspective.

Perhaps most intriguing however, is that the three characters seen in the image appear to be culled from previous entries in the franchise – Harry (Silent Hill), James (Silent Hill 2) and Maria (Silent Hill 2).

This fits in nicely with the game’s subtitle and Konami’s press blurb on the game, which describes how the horror title “follows a mysterious book, which includes all of the player’s memory – and this content can be altered…”

Stay tuned for more info on Silent Hill: Book of Memories as we get it.