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Gamescom 2012: Was the Star Wars 1313 demo played on a PS3 DualShock controller?


LucasArts contacted PSU to confirm that the controller used in the demo was actually a Logitech pad, not a DualShock 3 as previously speculated.


Though LucasArts has yet to confirm which platforms its mature-themed third-person action-adventure, Star Wars 1313, will be released on we believe the live gameplay demo that we witnessed at Gamescom was played with a Sony DualShock controller.

The machine that was playing this early code was out of view and as soon as the presentation finished the controller was whipped out of sight. When PSU asked LucasArts whether it had demonstrated the real-time demo on a DualShock controller, we were told that "platforms have not yet been announced." No video footage or photography was allowed in the behind closed doors presentation, but we’re convinced that the DualShock was present at the demo.

Graphically, Star Wars 1313 was one of the most impressive titles at Gamescom. The presentation, which included cover-based combat in a visual style similar to Mass Effect 3, also showcased an incredible Uncharted-style action scene showing two ships exploding impressively followed by the main character then climbing up the exterior of one craft while trying to avoid the fires that were igniting on its outer shell.

This action sequence looked better than any cinematic scene that we’ve played in Uncharted so it seems unlikely that we’d see this sort of quality on this generation of consoles. But Star Wars 1313 for PS4? That’s a distinct possibility. Though the title hasn’t been confirmed for a PlayStation platform, we’d bet big money that it will make an appearance, otherwise why would a dedicated PlayStation website be invited to the presentation in the first place?

Stay tuned for more on Star Wars 1313 shortly.