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Gamescom 2013 Awards: Best Fighting Game

 The Winner – Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

Out of all the beat-‘em-ups on display this year, the venerable Dead or Alive franchise came out on top with the revamped Ultimate edition. The original version was a solid brawler, sure, but this reworked release incorporates a host of extra content, previously seen in the PlayStation Vita version of the game.

Not only that, but gamers can experience fresh characters and stages, new game modes and more, creating, as the title appropriately states, the Ultimate version of DoA5. Available as a retail package or digital release, DoA5 Ultimate is the perfect excuse to jump on board the series for the first time, whereas long-time fans will want to add it to their collection as an essential purchase for any DoA aficionado. If there’s one fighter we’re stoked for this year, this is it.