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Gearbox Has Now Acquired Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Dev Lost Boys Interactive

Gearbox has announced that Lost Boys Interactive, the studio behind Borderlands spinoff Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, has officially been acquired by the company and is now part of the Gearbox Entertainment Family.

The studio was already tipped to snap up Lost Boys Interactive earlier this year, and has now made the acquisition official.

We are happy to announce that Lost Boys Interactive is now officially part of the Gearbox Entertainment Family, and will be joining our mission to entertain the world! They will continue their work in providing services for a variety of developers across the video game industry.

Gearbox chief Randy Pitchford commented:

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Lost Boys is an incredible studio with industry-leading talent that continue to push the bar higher for what gamers expect from their favorite franchises. I am excited for Chase, Rod, Shaun, Mark and my old friend Tim, along with all of the incredible talent at Lost Boys, to have an immediate and positive impact on the games secretly in development at Gearbox Software.

I am also eager to empower this amazing team to provide their world-class development services to partners and allies throughout the larger game industry.