Gearbox says Aliens: Colonial Marines was announced too soon

Gearbox Software has said that the developer feels SEGA was too quick to lift the lid on hotly anticipated shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Chatting with the folks at NowGamer, Gearbox head honcho Randy Pitchford reiterated that although the company remains “very committed” to the project, the game itself was announced before the studio even had a chance to begin coding.

"Duke Nukem Forever is consuming about 70 staff, so there’s still a huge amount of push power behind our other projects," said Pitchford. "We’re very, very committed to Aliens: Colonial Marines and we’re very excited about that project."

“Before the ink on the deal was even dry they issued a press release.”

“In it’s excitement Sega jumped the gun a little with the announcment of Aliens: Colonial Marines," he added.  "I know it’s been ‘radio silent’ for long and we know that must be frustrating for some people, but the game was announced too soon."

"There was so much excitement and I know a lot has changed at Sega, but they were very excited, they did the deal with Fox and before the ink was even dry they issued a press release announcing it."

On a more positive note, Pitchford revealed that the chaps at Gearbox are coming to the point where they’ll be able to showcase fresh info on the game following a lengthy hiatus.

"At the time we hadn’t written a single line of code yet. It takes time to build games, but it’s going great and I’m very excited about it. It won’t be long before we break radio silence and we’re able to show it."