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Get a Free PS4 Theme Celebrating International Women’s Day

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It’s International Women’s Day, and to help celebrate it, Sony have released a free PS4 theme for you to download.

The theme features a selection of modern female PlayStation heroes. There’s Chloe and Nadine from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn, Kara from the upcoming Detroit: Become Human, Ellie from The Last Of Us, and the hammer-wielding bear from Media Molecule’s Dreams.

You can have a gander at the design of it below. It was created by Media Molecule’s own superb artist Maja-Lisa Kehlet.

You can download this theme, for free, on the PlayStation Store, right now.

If you haven’t already, what better day is there to get yourself a copy of Horizon: Zero Dawn or Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. They’re both fantastic games.

PlayStation Universe wishes a Happy International Women’s Day to all the women out there in the world of PlayStation and beyond!