Ghost Recon Wildlands server status: update 5 brings Tier 1 mode

ghost recon wildlands server status

Though it’s not the PvP mode we’ve all been waiting for, Ghost Recon Wildlands update 5 is available to download today on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and adds the Tier 1 game mode.

Before the patch is ready to download the Ghost Recon Wildlands servers will be down while maintenance takes place to prepare for the update, which is said to around 9GB in file size. The Ghost Recon server status will be offline for around three hours in preparation, where only solo play won’t be affected.

The Wildlands Tier 1 mode brings the level cap to 30 and further patch notes are expected to revealed tomorrow.

Meanwhile Ghost Recon Wildlands players are looking forward to more details on the new PvP mode following a datamine leak that uncovered a few details, including:

  • Two teams battling it out from opposite site of the maps
  • Battling over specific objective spawns
  • Resource Collection

We’re expecting an update from Ubisoft on the Ghost Recon Wildlands PvP later this year.