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Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed Update 1.18 Patch Notes Reveal New Ghost Type, Map & More

The Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed update 1.18 patch notes have been conjured from the afterlife by IllFonic, and it’s a bit of an eye-opener, bringing with it support for a new map, ghost, and a bunch of changes and fixes.

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New Map

The New Motion Club is a pillar of the New York undeground music scene. From Baxter Hills to Trance Ratton, countless now well-known alternative acts have gotten their start here. After a change in ownership, there has been a recent spike in paranormal activity. Are these ghostly parasites drawn to the energy of such a vibrant place, or are they just fans of “the scene” like everyone else?

New Ghost Type

It’s safe to assume that before you ever notice a Watcher, it’s certainly already noticed you, courtesy of its giant external eye, attached via a disgusting semi-corporeal tendon.

Watchers are known for sending its occult oculus hurtling toward intended scare targets and then either recoiling it back to its socket OR pulling its torso to the eye itself, phasing through anything that stands between them.

The Watcher is the latest playable Ghost Type and comes with 3 variants.

  • Bug-Eye
  • Gawk
  • Peeky

Ghostbuster Customization

Tenure (Level 4)

You can now reach level 4 in tenure! As always, leveling up comes with some new cosmetics for you to show off your tenure.

Make sure to level up in order to unlock the special cosmetic that comes with upgrading your Tenure level!

2016 Ghostbusters

New Buster cosmetics and Gear shells from the 2016 Ghostbusters film are now available!

New Cosmetics

It’s pretty hot this summer so we thought you all would like some new outfits to match the season and cool off.

There are a variety of new cosmetics including new tops, bottoms, headwear, footwear, gloves, and some new tints.

We’ve also got a whole new face customization option, Scar.

Changes and Fixes


  • Added a Random Job option for Private Matches
  • Various Crash Fixes and Stability Improvements
  • Several improvements and fixes made to various audio elements
  • Made improvements and various bug fixes to AI Ghosts and AI Busters
  • Fixed an issue where the skip cutscene prompt would sometimes be missing
  • Added several new animations to Civilians for when they are feared
  • Fixed various bugs and polished cinematic intros
  • Fixed an issue where the Quick Play loading screens were not displaying properly
  • Fixed an issue that was causing extra players to be shown on the scoreboard if a player leaves while joining a game in progress


  • Ghosts now have a short period of time in which they can not be trapped, stunned, or tethered after manifesting
  • Fixed an issue where the Ghost could sometimes become stuck while possessing an object and using the emote wheel at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where the ping notification on a Ghost would remain even after the Ghost has remanifested
  • Fixed an issue where the Trap Minions were not synced up with the Ghost’s animation when deployed
  • Fixed an issue where Ectovision could cause possessable objects to be missing their interact prompt
  • Fixed an issue where the Terror Sentinel’s Trap Claws, that have already been placed, were not being destroyed upon remanifesting
  • Fixed an issue where certain settings could cause the player to be unable to select the Water in the Ghost Customization menu
  • Fixed an issue where the Rift icon was not visible when possessing an object that has a Rift hidden in it
  • Fixed an issue where the Hellion was able to escape the Ghost Trap by using an ability under certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue where Gloom’s Spectral Barrage would not behave properly if interrupted by a stun or tether


  • Fixed an issue where Busters could reboot their pack while swapping gadgets
  • Updated the Buster’s Sabotage UI for clarity
  • Drudges now take more damage depending on the amount of Busters that are tethering it
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the tethering the behave incorrectly when switch targets from Ghost to Drudge under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where the push/pull beam prompts were being incorrectly displayed on the default Particle Thrower


Particle Thruster

  • “Firing Movement Speed” removed

Large Capacity Battery

  • “Battery Efficiency” 140% -> 120%

Overclock Module

  • Replaced “Battery Recharge Speed” with “Trap Minigame Deadzone” and “Battery Efficiency”


  • Fixed several issues that were causing the R.T.V. Kit attachment that could sometimes cause the player to be unable to switch gadgets or cause the player to become stuck


Disruptor Pylon

  • Active Pylons now prevent ghost portals within their range from being usable
  • Fixed an issue where the Disruptor Pylon icon would remain even after being destroyed


The Spectacle

  • Reduced Tier 1 requirement to collecting 200 fungi (Down from 500)
  • Reduced Tier 2 requirement to calming down 30 Civs in the Scared State (Down from 50)

Rift Hunting

  • Reworded Tier 3 requirement to ” Destroy 5 Rifts with the help of your fellow Busters”

Escape Artist

  • Reduced Tier 2 requirement to escaping 30 tethers (from 50)
  • Replaced Tier 3 requirement

Hostile Ghost

  • Reduced Tier 3 requirement to losing 30 ghosts to broken tethers (Down from 40)

The Asset

  • Reduced Tier 4 requirement to hiding 20 Rifts inside objects (Down from 30)

The Expert

  • Reduced Tier 4 requirement to destroying 15 Artifacts (Down from 25)
  • Reduced Tier 5 requirement to breaking free from 3 tethers held by all four busters (Down from 5)

Research Contracts

Snub Nose

  • Reduced Tier 1 requirement to forming 3 tethers right after mantling (Down from 10)

Neural Frequency

  • Reworded Tier 1 requirement to “Calm 25 civs recently scared by you or your buster equipment”
  • Reduced Tier 2 requirement to killing 10 minions who recently attacked a civilian (Down from 25)

Centrifugal Thruster

  • Reduced Tier 2 requirement to knocking 3 rift out of a ghost’s hands (Down from 5)

Governor Release

  • Reduced Tier 1 requirement to revealing 15 rifts (Down from 25)


  • Reduced Tier 1 requirement to getting the final capture of a ghost 3 times (Down from 5)

EGB Ghost Trap Shell

  • Reduced Tier 1 requirement to trapping 10 Drudges (Down from 25)

Chrome Tint

  • Reduced Tier 1 requirement to trapping 15 Drudges (Down from 25)
  • Reworded Tier 4 requirement for clarity

Overclock Module

  • Tier 2 requirement replaced